One Grateful Patient is a project created from OneChiropractic’s mission to harness the power of the chiropractic patient. We believe that if we can begin to connect the hundreds of thousands of patients together through their stories we can begin to influence how the world begins to view chiropractic but as a culture and through the internet. Join the mission of collecting patient stories and begin to impact your clinic and the profession as a whole.

Here is a sample of the stories we are collecting:

“In 2010 I was in a bad car accident. I had cervical neck pain and terrible headaches. I had gone to several doctors and was given an MRI. I was told nothing was wrong with me. Once the pain started radiating down my arms to my hands and I started feeling numbness, I felt defeated. Every doctor I saw gave me no answer. I gave up and just tried to “ignore” the pain.

I had the opportunity in college to do an internship with a chiropractor. After explaining my situation with one of the Doctors, he put one hand on my cervical spine and said “you’ve been in a car accident haven’t you?”. I was so impressed and taken back that within weeks I became a patient. The very first appointment they do x-rays and run a bunch of tests. My X-rays showed that my cervical spine was curved the wrong way. How could no other doctor have found this!? I had no knowledge of what was to come, so I took a leap of faith and Chiropractic has healed my spine and taken away my pain.”

Savannah Lopez