OneChiropractic Founders

These individuals stepped forward to create OneChiropractic in 2016, which is an IRS registered nonprofit 501(c)(6) organization, who’s vision is to see empowered chiropractors realizing their brightest future by ensuring that chiropractic is the consumer’s primary health care choice.

Mr. Bharon Hoag

Dr. Thomas Klapp

Dr. Guy Riekman

Dr. Brian Stenzler

Dr. Jason Deitch

Dr. Janice Hughes

Dr. Gerard Clum

Dr. Stuart Hoffman

Dr. Charles Ribley

Mr. William Esteb

Founding Partners

The names listed below are those that have stepped up to help lead the direction of OneChiropractic. They work with the Founding 10 to ensure projects are developed and completed for the betterment of Chiropractic.


Dr. Jeffery Aita
Dr. Bradley Clow
Dr. Dean DePice
Dr. Richard Giuli
Dr. Jeremy Hess
Dr. Julia Keiser
Dr. Jeremy Myers
Dr. Eric Plasker

Dr. Richard Barwell
Dr. Jodi Cooley
Dr. Curtis Dunlop
Dr. Brad Glowaki
Dr. Bob Hoffman
Dr. Bradley Kirzner
Dr. Damian Palmer
Dr. Rob Prewitt

Dr. Susan Blaskay
Dr. Adam Del Torto
Dr. Sandra Elbaum
Dr. Jay Handt
Dr. Kreg Huffer
Dr. Joe Lupo
Dr. Dennis Perman
Dr. Dan Spencer

Higher Education Institutions

Life University


ChiroSecure (
The Masters Circle Global (


The names listed below are those that align with the vision of OneChiropractic and have partnered to support that vision!


Dr. Joel Adkins
Dr. William Bazin
Dr. Matthew Beachy
Dr. Debra Bell
Dr. Casey Boggs
Mr. Chris Burfield
Dr. Gaylon Carter
Dr. Kristene Clark
Dr. Ella Coffman
Dr. Eric DiMartino
Dr. Travis Elasss
Dr. Leigh Elceser
Dr. Michael Fisher
Dr. Teresa Fourre
Dr. Stephen Franson
Dr. Danny Gambino
Dr. Cary Girgis
Dr. Gregory Goffe
Dr. Daniel Gordon
Dr. Greg Haas
Dr. Jennifer Haas
Dr. Joey Hamisch
Dr. Laura Hanson
Dr. Mark Harrington
Dr. Jason Hartle

Dr. Kathleen Houpt
Dr. Cynthia Hummel
Dr. Andrew Hummel
Dr. Glen Jaffe
Dr. William Kuhn
Dr. Bob Leeper
Dr. Steven Lowe
Dr. Joseph Luraschi
Dr. Patricia Lydy
Dr. Terry McCoskey
Dr. Julia McDaniel
Dr. Eric McKillican
Dr. Angela Mead
Dr. Peter Morgan
Dr. Thomas Morris
Dr. Jared Morrow
Dr. Bryan Natusch
Dr. Lisa Olszewski
Dr. Roy Ostenson
Dr. David Peltier
Dr. Gregory Penniston
Dr. Scott Petrallo
Dr. Michael Pyfrom
Dr. Ryan Reeves
Dr. Lucas Reinhart

Dr. Donald Reno
Dr. Dan Ribley
Dr. Thomas Salmon
Dr. Joseph Sheppard
Dr. Tina Sigafoose
Dr. Michael Southwick
Dr. Nico Staples
Dr. Nathan Stinemetz
Dr. Ron Swain
Dr. Mark Taylor
Dr. Freddie Ulan
Dr. Nathan Unruh
Dr. Russell Van Hemert
Dr. Brian Wallace
Dr. Steve Wallin
Dr. Tim Warren
Dr. Amy Watterson
Dr. Lucas Watterson
Dr. John Webster
Dr. Mark White
Dr. David Witte
Dr. Thomas Witwer
Dr. Lauri Wondra
Dr. Steve Yandell


Genesis Chiropractic Software (
Assistants for Chiropractic Excellence (
Chiropractic Associates of Bedford