What Is OneChiropractic?

OneChiropractic is an advocacy organization driven to create projects that represent the everyday chiropractor and make chiropractic the consumers number one healthcare choice.

What Makes OneChiropractic Different?

OneChiropractic is not an association. Nor is it a replacement for existing chiropractic groups and organizations. OneChiropractic is different.

A bias for action – Not bound by the protocols and politics of traditional groups, our focus is on execution and results.

Lightweight, bottom-up structure – OneChiropractic has a relatively flat hierarchy giving us the ability to make decisions quickly.

Digitally Savvy – One Chiropractic is a virtual organization, reducing overhead, saving time and accessing a broad spectrum of talent.

Diverse – Contributors of OneChiropractic come from virtually every segment of the chiropractic profession and have the reputation for getting things done.

Single-minded – The narrow focus of OneChiropractc permits rapid response and concentrated energy, increasing our effectiveness.

What Is The Chiropractic That One Chiropractic Is Advocating?

We believe that chiropractic is the detection and correction of vertebral subluxation using spinal adjustments to restore proper brain function.

Maybe you don’t call it subluxation. No problem. Maybe you manipulate rather than adjust. No problem. All are welcome regardless of technique or procedure. We refuse to continue the century old argument of straights & mixers or principled vs. evidenced based. It is the same discussion and far from productive. Our only boundaries are keeping the adjustment the primary service in a chiropractic office and ensuring chiropractic never includes prescription rights and surgery.

Why I Partner With OneChiropractic?

Partner with OneChiropractic so we can…

1. Create cultural authority for Chiropractic
2. Drive increased value for the adjustment to both payers and public alike
3. Increase access for all people to receive chiropractic

What Happens To My Financial Contribution?

Partner with OneChiropractic knowing that your financial support allows us to execute projects designed to protect and advance chiropractic. Our low overhead and focus on results mean that most of your contribution goes directly into funding initiatives that make a difference in you practice and our profession. All accounting has monitored to ensure proper use of resources.

What Is The Legal Structure Of OneChiropractic?

OneChiropractic is an IRS registered nonprofit 501(c)(6) organization. Make your tax-deductable contribution here. We have no employees and out-source all of our services such as Executive Director, web services, communications, etc. Board members are not eligible to receive any proceeds for the operations of OneChiropractic.