Advancing for Drugless Chiropractic

There is a vocal minority within the profession dedicated to perverting the safety, simplicity and identity of chiropractic. Whether in the name of "progress" or entitlement, adding prescription rights is a bad idea. 

OneChiropractic is against drug-prescriptive rights in chiropractic because:

1. It attempts to create a confusing two-tiered profession. Regardless of the reassurances, the loss of our drug-free identity would be the end of chiropractic. The medical profession already supplies an adequate infrastructure for dispensing drugs. 

2. Chiropractors will start killing patients. The practice of drugless chiropractic is remarkably safe. However, if drugs are added, chiropractors will join the ranks of medical doctors who have become the third largest cause of preventable death.

3. Your malpractice insurance premiums will skyrocket! Along with the loss of identity that adding drug rights will bring, be prepared for higher overhead in the form of higher insurance premiums.

4. Your chiropractic college will be handing out drugs. Besides teaching pharmacology, your chiropractic college student clinic will serve as the testing grounds for newly acquired prescription rights. Besides higher tuition costs, prepare to have the adjusting skills take a back seat. 

5. It will spell the end of chiropractic. Let's not forget that countless millions who have sought chiropractic care becuase of the failure, side effects and risk of drugs and surgery. Keeping chiropractic drugless honors the innate wisdom of the body and preserves our vitalistic legacy for generations to come. 

Adding drugs and surgery to the practice of chiropractic is not the way to grow chiropractic. 

With the growing awareness of the side effects, recalls, extortionary profits, falsified research and corruption, drugless chiropractic has the opportunity to shine brighter than ever. 

Partner with OneChiropractic and help us preserve, protect, and promote drugless chiropractic.