A small band of chiropractors, influencers and patients have come together to chart a course forward to deliver on the promise of creating a brighter future.

Welcome to OneChiropractic.org

This advocacy group is committed to the time honored principles of chiropractic. It is time like minded people join together to spread the message of chiropractic.

When you partner with us we can execute our three-pronged approach:


1. Creating Cultural Authority
 Chiropractic has been and still is misunderstood by the world around us. We believe this is because we have done a poor job of educating decision makers about the knowledge, skill and effectiveness of chiropractors. We are committed to ensuring decision makers understand the vast resources our profession brings.

2. Increase Access to Chiropractic
As we begin to gain more cultural authority we will start to see access to care increase. Whether it be the benefits offered, the more integration of chiropractic in main stream healthcare or the military more appropriately using chiropractic. We are committed to ensuring every person in the world has access to chiropractic.

3. Drive Increased Value in the Adjustment 
There is no doubt that the reimbursement for chiropractic has declined over the last 30+ years. As with cultural authority and access to care, we must educate decision makers on the value of the adjustment. Our goal is to help increase the value of the adjustment so that chiropractors, should they so choose to, can provide a great living on adjusting alone. So many chiropractors have added services to their office solely for the purpose of reimbursement due to the poor compensation for the adjustment. This will change!

Crazy? Perhaps. But remember...
"Those who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world -- are the ones who do." -Steve Jobs

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